There’s no place like ::1!

My girlfriend and I want to buy a new doormat, but never I would have imagined that she would suggest it would be a doormat with the text “There’s no place like”. A lot of people in IT know the phrase “There’s no place like”, but “There’s no place like ::1” isn’t that common yet. ::1 is the IPv6 equivalent of which is the IPv4 address for localhost or as meant in the saying “home”.

A quick search on the internet for “There’s no place like ::1” didn’t turn up any doormats or any other merchandise, but i’m sure it will appear someday. So I will probably settle for a doormat with “There’s no place like” for now, but when IPv6 becomes widely accepted I also want a doormat that is IPv6 compatible.

P.S.: Because of the doormat my interest in IPv6 grew again and I surely will post more about that later.


3 responses to “There’s no place like ::1!

  1. You were 4 years early…

  2. Oddly enough this is the page I found doing the same search as you

  3. >tfw 2016 can barely find ::1 merchandise

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