Making inactive storage active in VirtualCenter

Today a power outage hit our datacenter for several hours. This was too long for the UPS so everything was shut down since we don’t have any backup generator or something like that. However when power came back on the ESX hosts booted faster as our storage controllers. I logged into VirtualCenter and I saw that none of my virtual machines were powered on automatically. They were greyed out with “(inaccessible)” behind the names. I googled, but couldn’t find anything related to my problem.

When I looked at the ESX hosts they weren’t showing my SAN datastores. So I went to my commandview EVA server and looked if the LUN’s were there. In fact first they weren’t there, but after a while they finally appeared. I turned back to my VirtualCenter and looked if the datastores also would appear automatically again, but that apparently was too much to ask. Not knowing what to do I started looking around what I could do. I looked at the storage adapter configuration of one of the ESX hosts and the HBA’s were nicely listed, but still no LUN’s. Finally just before I wanted to reboot the entire host I discovered I could rescan the HBA with right clicking on the HBA and then click “Rescan”. After the rescan was finished my datastores returned and I was back in business.

For the people who like to do everything at the commandline you can use the command:
esxcfg-rescan vmhba[0...n]


6 responses to “Making inactive storage active in VirtualCenter

  1. Had the exact same issue about 1.5 years ago. But even a rescan didn’t work in my case. I needed to give the ESX environment a hard reboot.

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  4. Thanks man. The rescan worked for me. I had running VM’s but all my datastores where “grayed out” and marked “(inactive)”. I couldn’t get to them at all. I was seconds from a host reboot, when I found your post. Once I did a rescan everything went back to normal.

  5. Your post helped us out today. After a Netapp takeover/giveback maintenance, VM guests became inaccessible when a guest was rebooted several days after the maintenance (these VM guests ran fine through the maintenance period though). A closer look revealed that the datastore would show as “unavailable” in the VM guest properties. Doing an HBA rescan across all the ESXi hosts helped. Thanks!

  6. Thanks, i had a similar power issue and some of the datastore was showing inactive. Rescan worked perfectly

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