What’s in your Request for Change document

I’m part of a relatively new IT department and we’re (re)building our processes. Part of those processes is change management. I think change management is really important in guaranteeing your uptime to your users. You just don’t want to change something big without a lot of research and testing.

Whenever we wanted to make a change we just needed to go to our supervisor and we would assess the situation together. There was no form of documentation and no documentation why the change was implemented in the first place. So this week I was wondering what would be useful to be on the document without being it too bureaucratic so that a change would take weeks/months.

As a result I built a form which anyone of the IT department could use. There were a bunch of fields which I thought was the least information what was needed. And I also applied a way of controlling and reviewing requests in the form.

So for those who are interested I will post here the questions I will ask in the document and a short description of what I expect as response.

  • Reference
    Internal document reference.
  • Version
    The version of the document. Handy if it was previously not approved and you want to propose it again with some differences.
  • Configuration items involved?
    What CI’s will be changed when the change will occur.
  • What is the reason for the change?
    What the organisation will gain from the change.
  • What if change is not applied?
    A description of what will happen or what are the risks if the change is not applied.
  • Short description of change
    One-line description of the change
  • Long description of change
    More detailed description of the change.
  • What is the impact on services?
    If we need to communicate to users about services that will be temporarily unavailable and how much downtime is expected.
  • What is the impact on failure?
    What is the impact if the change fails.
  • What is the fallback plan?
    What will happen if the change fails to restore the original situation.
  • Date change?
    Proposed date change will happen.
  • Time change?
    Proposed start time and end time of change.
  • Request for Change by?
    The person who proposed the change.

Now for the control and review part I added the following questions:

  • RfC reviewed by?
    The second opinion on the change and reviewer on all questions above
  • RfC approved by?
    The IT manager who approved the change.
  • Implemented by?
    The person who will implement the change if approved. Behind it a checkbox if the change was successful or not.

This is what I thought was the minimum that should be in there. I’m open for suggestions on how to do it different and better. Also if you can and/or want to drop a comment how it is implemented in your organisation.


2 responses to “What’s in your Request for Change document

  1. Just what I was looking for.
    Thank you very much

  2. Do you have template for it?

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