Using a custom stylesheet in MOSS 2007

Lately I’m working a lot with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007. To customize the look of a Sharepoint site you can achieve a lot by customizing the CSS. When you load this CSS in your site this CSS will overwrite the standard CSS. I wanted to make an article about how to do it, but why would I do this if there is already a great article out there written by Shane Perran. It’s called Kickstart to editing styles in MOSS 2007 and it describes perfectly how to do it. Here is a small excerpt:

Set up an Alternate CSS URL:

  • Create a Publishing Site. Select Site Actions, Create Site. Then select the Publishing Tab and finally choose Publishing Site. It will take a few moments for your site to provision.
  • Open your editor of choice and create a new file and add /* Custom Styles */ to it.
  • Save it as “Custom.CSS”. If you are using notepad don’t forget to select “All Files” from the “Save as Type” drop down menu before saving, otherwise you will have a .txt extension.

Read the rest here at Kickstart to editing styles in MOSS 2007.


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